Adsorb’s mission is to renew carbon: renewing in the sense of greater adoption, renewing in the sense of re-use. Core to its being is the view that carbon is a precious resource. Not only is carbon the skeleton of life but in its pure form is resistant to degradation and well suited to renewal and re-use.

As the name suggests Adsorb specialises in carbon adsorption solutions and technologies. Solutions include, but are not limited to fixed-bed adsorption, pulse-bed adsorption, thermal reactivation and pyrolysis. It has three proprietary technologies that it sells and supports. These are a Pulse-Bed Adsorber (PBA), a Fluid-Bed Reactivator (FBR) and an Adsorb Pyrolysis Furnace (APF).

Despite activated carbon having been around for hundreds of years, its broader use in industry is receiving a resurgence based on its lower environmental cost. Improvements in regeneration technology are also assisting to lower its operating cost.


With activated carbon being black in colour, it is often perceived to be ‘dirty’. Quite the contrary. Its adsorptive properties makes it an extremely efficient ‘cleaner’ and is used in industry to clean chimney gas and waste water, to name just a few of its uses. What is required is sound engineering to contain the valuable black carbon within the system.

Special mention must be made of the age-old process of making charcoal, technically referred to as pyrolysis. In the last 10 years, pyrolysis has received renewed interest based on its carbon negative potential. As pyrolysis plays a greater role in the fight against climate change, so it will lead to further developments in char and activated charcoal.

Adsorb has positioned itself to service the growing demand for char, activated carbon and their respective applications.


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