Adsorb was established in 2010. Its principal founder, Darryl Phipps (BSc Chem Eng, Pr Eng, MBA), has worked with purification technologies since 1995, and specifically activated carbon since 2002. Darrylís knowledge and understanding of activated carbon comes from first hand operation of granular activated carbon (GAC) systems in the sugar & sweetener industry. It is this experience that is integrated into any/all solutions and designs. Darryl is an expert in thermal reactivation, specifically fluid-bed reactivation. In July 2010, Darryl commissioned a fluid-bed reactivation system in Europe that is believed to deliver a 50% energy saving to competing technologies.


This knowledge is being applied to a novel pyrolysis technology which has massive application to biomass intensive industries.

Adsorbís other founder, John Rice (BComm, MFin), is a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman. In his capacity as non-executive director, John offers input on structuring and project finance, critical to successful delivery of projects.

Gavin Schlaphoff (BComm) joined Adsorb in 2013 as a non-executive director. As a sales and marketing executive he provides much needed direction in this area.


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