Pulse-bed Adsorber (PBA)

Despite the name conjuring up an image of complexity, the Pulse-bed Adsorber (PBA), is actually relatively simple. Instead of using a standard fixed-bed granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorber/filter/column, requiring periodic or batch replacement of the entire GAC bed when deemed to be spent, the PBA replaces only the spent portion of the bed, named a ‘pulse’, in a semi-continuous ‘pulsing’ fashion.

A PBA system offers the following benefits to a fixed-bed GAC adsorption system:

  • Up to a 52% reduction in adsorber working volume

  • Up to a 33% reduction in installed GAC inventory

  • Up to a 6 times reduction in the number of adsorbers

The above leads to a significant reduction in capital investment. Pulse-bed technology has become the technology of choice for large sugar and glucose refining operations using GAC for decolourisation. Adsorb intends to extend the application of pulse-bed technology into the non-traditional water treatment and effluent treatment industries.

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