Adsorb Pyrolysis Furnace (APF)

The Adsorb Pyrolysis Furnace (APF) is the most recent addition to our suit of technologies. It differs from most pyrolysis technologies in that the gas product is combusted thermal energy, not fuel gas. Adsorb is of the view that the cleaning and conditioning of the fuel gas is too sophisticated for broad roll-out into decentralised biomass intensive industries. Instead it prefers to combust the pyrolysis gas in a manner that co-energises the furnace whilst delivering a clean flue-gas perfectly suited to energy recovery and direct release to air.

The first prototype an APF100
was commissioned in September 2012 with a capacity of 100 kg/hr char. It is processing dry grape-skin residues, a by-product from wine waste processing. The clean flue produced is directed into a boiler where the thermal energy is recovered into process steam for use by the factory. The char produced is being sold as grape-skin biochar.

The APF is designed with flexibility in mind to facilitate future value-add thermal processing. Adsorb intends developing activation, regeneration and reactivation capability around each APF. In so doing, it hopes to lower the cost of activated carbon processes, thereby underpinning the demand for activated charcoal and associated technologies.

The APF offers the following benefits:

  • Considered CleanTech – complies with stringent air emission regulations

  • Considered GreenTech – “fired” with renewable source

  • Carbon negative – if char applied as biochar, else carbon neutral

  • Produces a clean flue – ideal for energy recovery

  • Less sensitive to moisture when compared to other combustion and pyrolysis technologies – minimum net calorific value of 15MJ/kg

  • Less sensitive to particle size when compared to other combustion and pyrolysis technologies – can accept “strips” no bigger than 20x100x2000mm

  • Built in flexibility for value-add thermal processing

The following pyrolysis furnaces are available:

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